Are Real Estate Services Worth It in Brickell

Everyone wonders whether real estate services are as good as they market themselves to be, or if it’s just that, marketing. This article will offer a fresh perspective on what it means to be a real estate agent in Brickell. First Class Enterprise is one of the oldest real estate companies in Miami, and we’ve closed enough deals to give you an insight into the real estate market here.

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What Does First Class Enterprise Do?

Our company works in real estate, offering a wide array of services to potential clients who want to buy or sell properties in Brickell. We have over 50 real estate agents working here, each with their own history of closed deals and experience in real estate. Working with our clients means:

  • Understanding what they need from us;
  • Scanning the market for suitable properties;
  • Listing their property on our to-buy listings;
  • Negotiating with potential buyers and taking them on home tours of the client’s property;
  • Presenting the facts as they are. No cheap marketing, no deceitful property presentations;
  • Taking care of the paperwork;
  • Doing the legwork for the client.

If you want to buy or sell a property in Brickell, you come to us and we’ll help you do that better, faster, and with more profits to boot. Our company improves your real estate experience in every way possible, whether it’s logistics, communication, research, or negotiations with potential buyers or sellers.

Hiring a real estate company like First Class Enterprise means letting others do that hard work for you. We know the local properties much better than you, and we can find what you’re looking for much faster. Clients without real estate agents have a harder time closing the deal or finding the right property, to begin with. With us, it’s much faster!

Are Real Estate Services in Brickell Expensive?

No, they are not. We take a percentage-based commission if you want us to help you sell a property in Brickell. In exchange, we use the full extent of our market reach and connections to find you a buyer in the shortest time possible. If you want to sell a property fast, First Class Enterprise can help you do that!

Jean Sorel is our head real estate agent and also the most experienced agent in Brickell. Tell him what you need and he’ll offer a carefully-selected range of options to choose from. He’s also an expert at closing deals that are favorable for the client. Whether you want to sell or buy, Jean Sorel will help you make a much better profit than if you were working alone.

Even after our commission, the leftover money is still more than you’d have made if you marketed the property yourself. That’s because negotiation is a big part of selling a property. Potential buyers need to know what makes your property worth it, and our real estate agents are great at selling that point.

To Summarize – Brickell Real Estate Services Are Worth It

It’s not us saying this but our clients. Working with a real estate agent is more comfortable, profitable, and less of time waste. Why make your life harder and earn less money when you can be on the winning side? First Class Enterprise is always available for new clients, so feel free to contact us whenever.

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