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Income Tax Preparer Agent Miami - First Class Enterprise
Income Tax Preparer Agent Miami – First Class Enterprise

Thousands of people in South Florida are eligible to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in income tax refunds. However, many South Floridians are unaware of how much they’re eligible to receive back from the government. People may try to prepare their own income tax returns or use income tax software on the computer to do them. But, unfortunately, this kind of self-preparation can lead to mistakes on the returns and a reduction in the full refund amount that is owed.

Don’t try to prepare your own tax return because you could be potentially throwing away hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you hire an experienced tax professional to prepare your tax return, they will make sure you take advantage of all the deductions, credits and other tax loopholes that you’re entitled to receive.

If you want to get your income tax returns prepared correctly, you won’t find anyone better than Jean Sorel of First Class Enterprise LLC. He is a certified income tax preparer with over a decade of experience in the tax field. His track record of customer satisfaction results from the speed of his tax preparation services and the high refund amounts he has retrieved for his clients.

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The Benefits of Hiring an Income Tax Preparer in South Florida 

The benefits of hiring an income tax preparer like Mr. Sorel are as follows:

  • Maximize Your Tax Refunds – There are too many tax laws and tax codes for laypeople to comprehend. Do you ever wonder why wealthy people can avoid paying taxes? They have a team of tax professionals who understand the tax laws to assist them. If you have someone on your side who understands the deductions, credits, and loopholes you can use to maximize your refund and avoid paying taxes, then you will benefit immensely from hiring a preparer.
  • Reduce the Risk of an Audit – Any of your income tax returns can be audited from the past six years. The usual reason for an audit is due to inaccuracies or miscalculations in the tax return. If you don’t fill out your tax return properly, you will increase your risk of an audit. A tax preparer will ensure your return is filled out correctly so that you have a reduced chance of getting audited.
  • Save Time and Stress – Filling out a tax return can be a lengthy process, especially if you don’t understand the tax codes. It is so much easier and less time consuming to hire a professional tax preparer to do all this work for you.

If you are employed or own a business, then you should hire an income tax preparer to save you money and prevent an audit. The small investment to hire an income tax preparer will pay off much greater in the long-term.

Mr. Sorel is an Agent You Can Trust 

A trustworthy income tax preparer is the only way to go. Mr. Sorel is an IRS Certified Tax Return Preparer with over 16 years of experience helping people prepare their tax returns in South Florida. His number one goal is to ensure the accuracy of his clients’ tax returns while maximizing the amounts of their income tax refunds.

Mr. Sorel is the recipient of the Certificate of Recognition by the Miami Dade Mayor & The Board of Commissioners and the Certificate of Recognition by the North Miami Chamber of Commerce. He is a licensed tax preparer under the Tax Preparer Learning System (RTRP).

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