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Is your present auto insurance good enough for you? Does it cover the necessary accidents and unforeseen incidents that may damage your car? If it doesn’t, First Class Enterprise can help you change your auto insurance. You never know what might happen when you’re behind the steering wheel.

Someone might drive into you and wreck your car. Or you drive into someone and you need to pay for the incurred damage. That’s when auto insurance comes in handy. It acts as a financial safeguard against these unforeseen events. Jean Sorel, our auto insurance agent can help you choose the best auto insurance for you!

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How Can We Help You?

There isn’t just one auto insurance that you can buy. There are too many to count and they’re all different. Some are more encompassing than others, yet they’re also more expensive. But some drivers don’t need the extra coverage due to decreased risks of accidents. Specific circumstances matter when choosing auto insurance.

Our job at First Class Enterprise is to help you decide on auto insurance. We narrow down the best insurance in the industry and recommend the one suitable for you. Our insurance agent, Jean Sorel, works with you and gathers information to identify a fitting auto insurance. Where do you drive and how long do you drive per day? What type of driver are you? What type of vehicle do you drive?

We consider these things when recommending auto insurances to our clients. With us, you’ll be able to pay affordable monthly rates because our company browses through the many insurance policies until we find the right one. It has to provide maximum value for the lowest price.

By hiring us, you won’t waste time searching for auto insurances because we do it for you. Moreover, we know where to look and what parameters to use when searching for auto insurances. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern here at First Class Enterprise. Naturally, we’ll do our best to offer personalized services and find what you’re looking for!

Why First Class Enterprise?

For over 18 years, Jean Sorel has been leading First Class Enterprise on a journey of helping Floridians with their auto insurance. We’ve always sought to accommodate every person’s budget and coverage preferences as best as possible. If needed, we’re licensed to sell auto insurances on behalf of the insurance companies we represent.

We’ll explain to you the ups and downs of each product we offer, though. You should make an educated decision when it comes to picking auto insurance. Our role is to guide you in making this choice. In general, what matters is the maximum coverage for an affordable monthly rate. That’s one of the biggest issues most people have with auto insurances – they’re too expensive.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Jean Sorel, our auto insurance agent, can pick a cheaper alternative that offers similar benefits to what you’re used to. Knowing what insurance companies have to offer makes a great difference in the end. Or help is invaluable in helping you find a perfect insurance product for your car!

First Class Enterprise offers the following benefits if you choose us as your auto insurance agent:

  • Best carriers
  • Lowest rates
  • Free health insurance
  • ACA/Obamacare
  • Health + Dental + Vision as low as $5

That’s what makes us one of the best auto insurance agencies in Florida. Whether you live in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Miramar, or West Palm Beach, you’re welcome to drop by and ask us anything! We’re happy to explain how we can help and why it’s essential to pick a suitable auto insurance for your car.

We’ll explain the pros and cons of each auto insurance and why you should or shouldn’t consider it. With 18+ years of experience on our belts, we can say for a fact that we know everything about auto insurance in Florida.

Jean Sorel – Professional Auto Insurance Agent

Jean Sorel is our in-house auto insurance agent and owner of First Class Enterprise. He works with over 18 years of experience in the field. Throughout his years of working with insurance companies, he’s developed great insight, connections to other insurance agents, and ample knowledge about auto insurances.

In other words, he’s in the best position to help you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran driver or a beginner because he has fitting auto insurance for everyone. As a beginner, you may need a more encompassing insurance because you’re more at risk of getting into accidents. As you develop your skills and drive safer, you may switch to a less expensive insurance.

First Class Enterprise can find the perfect auto insurance whether you drive a car, a motorcycle, a bus, or a van. We’ll offer price quotes and provisions for each insurance product so you can choose what fits you best. There’s no best insurance but the right one for you, so contact us today so we can help you sooner!

Why waste time searching aimlessly through insurance offers when you don’t know what you’re looking for? The insurance terms may confuse you more and lead you to get an improper auto insurance. If you hire us, we’ll identify the key points of every insurance policy, explain confusing terms, and reach a conclusion. Are the benefits worth the price or not?

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There’s no time to lose when choosing an auto insurance. One more day driving without an insurance means a day exposing yourself to risk. If you get into an accident, who will cover all the repair and medical expenses if you don’t have insurance? The out-of-pocket expenses are sky-high for the most part.

To learn more about our auto insurance agent and how we can help you, call First Class Enterprise at (305) 433-5686 or use our online form to make a free appointment. Jean Sorel is always available to discuss with new clients!