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Obamacare Enrollment Agents Miami - First Class Enterprise
Obamacare Enrollment Agents Miami – First Class Enterprise

The Affordable Care Act was a comprehensive health care reform bill signed into law in March 2010 by President Barack Obama. The purpose of the bill was to make health insurance more accessible and affordable to the average American. Most people know the Affordable Care Act by its more famous name, “Obamacare.”

Obamacare allows people to shop for affordable health insurance policies in a government-run Health Care marketplace. It also prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to policyholders with preexisting conditions. Millions of more Americans are eligible for health care coverage because of this groundbreaking piece of health reform legislation.

However, the eligibility requirements tend to confuse some Americans who have questions or concerns about their rights under this law. It can also be confusing to select a suitable health insurance plan from the choices available in the Health Care marketplace. That is why it is in your best interests to hire an Obamacare enrollment in South Florida to assist you.

Jean Sorel of First Class Enterprise LLC is an Obamacare enrollment agent who serves the people of South Florida, including Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. If you are interested in purchasing a health insurance policy through Obamacare, contact Mr. Sorel before starting the enrollment process.

Schedule an appointment for a free consultation by calling us at (305) 433-5686 or book an appointment here.

The Benefits of Hiring an Obamacare Enrollment Agent in Miami 

An Obamacare enrollment agent is a highly trained insurance professional. They have advanced knowledge of how the Health Care Marketplace works, including the enrollment process for new and existing applicants. The main requirement of an agent is to put the applicant’s best interests above anything else. That is what Mr. Sorel does with every one of his clients.

Obamacare enrollment agents must have a state license and a signed agreement with the Health Care Marketplace that permits them to sell its health insurance plans on their behalf. Mr. Sorel has satisfied all these qualifications and possesses the necessary education to inform clients of their rights under the health care law.

When you hire Mr. Sorel as your Obamacare enrollment agent in South Florida, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Information regarding your rights under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Information about your eligibility for health insurance through the Marketplace.
  • Information about whether you qualify for a premium tax credit to reduce the monthly premium costs for health insurance through the Marketplace.
  • Assistance in filling out your enrollment application.
  • Assistance in finding you the best health insurance plan in the Marketplace that accommodates your budget and medical needs.

If you have never signed up for a health insurance plan through the Marketplace before, then it is in your best interests to hire a Miami Obamacare Enrollment Agent.

Obamacare Enrollment Agent Representation is Free for Applicants! 

Hiring Mr. Sorel as your Obamacare enrollment agent will not cost you any additional money. Health insurance companies pay commissions to Obamacare enrollment agents in exchange for finding new clients for them. These commissions do not increase your monthly premiums, so you won’t pay anything extra for health insurance if you decide to hire an agent. All the costs of agent representation fall back on the insurance companies only.

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Are you ready to learn more about your eligibility to purchase an affordable health care plan through the Health Care Marketplace? Call (305) 433-5686 or book an appointment here to receive a free consultation.

If it turns out that you’re eligible to buy a plan, your agent will assist you throughout the entire process for free. The only upfront cost is for the first month’s premium of the health insurance plan. If you can secure a premium tax credit, you should be able to reduce the premium cost to a much smaller amount.