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Jean Marc Sorel - FCE


JEAN MARC G. SOREL is a distinguished and accomplished Real Estate Broker, with over 22 years of experience. He was born and raised in Bainet, Haiti, and migrated to Miami, Florida in the early 2000s in pursuit of a better life. Immediately after arriving in Miami, he wasted no time and hit the ground running. He enrolled in English classes for a couple of years at North Miami Adult Education Center. His passion for learning, personal development, and growth were key factors in his desire for academic success at various levels.

He later attended Gold Coast School of Real Estate, Miami Dade College, Broward College, Tax Wise University, and is currently completing his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Management at Florida International University. He aspires to complete a double degree at the prestigious and world renowned University of Miami (Master of Business Administration—MBA and Juris Doctor—JD) in the near future.

With little or no external support, Jean had to work while simultaneously completing his studies. In 2002, he started working with Ocean View International Realty as a Realtor-Associate.  Six years later in 2009, Jean started his own company – First Class Income Tax Services, Inc. In 2010, he started First Class Real Estate, LLC, then First Class Insurance Services, Inc. and in 2022, he opened his very own investment company, Goldenview Worldwide Investments, LLC. Jean is now the President and CEO of First Class Real Estat LLC, the largest Haitian owned Real Estate firm in the State of Florida, with over 100 Real Estate Agents.

Mr. Sorel‘s dedication and commitment to the community has earned him several awards and Proclamations. Some of those awards include, but not limited the following:

  • 2015- Miami Dade County Proclamation District -2 Com. Jean Monestime
  • 2018-2024 Marketplace Elite Plus Circle of Champions by CMS 7 years in a ROW
  • 2020—Entrepreneur of the Year by PHMA Mr. Kerby Leveille
  • 2020- Miami Dade- County Proclamation by Mayor Daniela L. Cava
  • 2021-Proclamation Award by North Miami Beach Vice-Mayor Paule Vilard
  • 2021- Entrepreneur of the Year by PHMA Mr. Kerby Leveille
  • 2022- Toussaint Louverture Award by FANM Ms. Marleine Bastien
  • 2022- Entrepreneur & Humanitarian of the Year by PHMA Mr. Kerby Leveille
  • 2022- Proclamation Award by the City of North Miami Vice-Mayor Mary E. Irvin
  • 2022- Nominated by Haitian Open Magazine as top 10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the State of Florida
  • 2023 Nominated by Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (HACCOF) as Trustee of the Board
  • 2023-Nominated by International Father’s Association as Daddy of the Year

There is no slowing down for Jean, as he continues to rise through the ranks both, professionally and personally. His goal is to open as many Real Estate branch offices as possible in Florida and beyond.

Mr. Sorel believes that the best way to find one’s self is to lose one’s self in the service of others. He is passionate and cares deeply about the wellbeing of his community. For this reason, after over fifteen years of planning and brainstorming, the dream of starting a non-profit organization  became a reality. In 2016, he created the “Organisation Professionelle pour le Development Educatif de Bainet—OPDEB” to not only help with the opening of a Technical School back where he came from (Bainet, Haiti) but to also give scholarships and grants to students here in the United States.

Today, for the very first time in its history, the City of Bainet finally has its very own technical school. Some of the classes that are being offered at the school are: Construction, Tailoring, Bakery, Plumbing, Electricity, Computer Tech, Mechanic and Basic English. Since its inception, the school has helped over 500 students obtain at least a certificate of completion. In addition to the technical school, Jean envisions opening an orphanage, with the ability of helping well over 1000 children in Bainet.

Mr. Sorel wants to remind everyone that success in life does not necessarily means wealth, fame and fortune. It’s about fulfilling your dreams and God-given potentials, growing steadily and learning more about yourself at every stage of your life. He knows that he cannot change the entire world but in his small and humble ways, he can create sparks that will lighten the hearts of a few, which can then result in a ripple effect that will ultimately inspires and creates new generations of entrepreneurs and philanthropists for this wonderful planet that we love so dearly.


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