4 Best Practices When Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Coconut Grove

4 Best Practices When Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Coconut Grove

Real estate is a thriving business in Coconut Grove. Buying and selling properties can be very profitable. But only if you work with a real estate agent who knows where the best profitable opportunities are. Still, how do you choose a real estate agency in Coconut Grove? In this article, First Class Enterprise will present the 4 best practices you should remember when hiring a real estate agent.

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  1. Tell your agent what you expect from them

When hiring a real estate agent, it’s very important to make your expectations known. Tell them what you want, whether it’s buying a condo or selling your home. Give them more details, such as:

  • Buying/selling price;
  • How often you want to be contacted;
  • Preferred method of contact;
  • Whether or not you want to go to open houses;
  • Whether or not you’re in the market for a house or just looking.

With more information, the real estate agent is more able to help you. Moreover, you’ll avoid any misunderstandings later on. If you don’t give your real estate agent details on what you need and want, they can’t help you too much.

  • Always keep your appointments with the real estate agent

To maintain a friendly and efficient relationship with your real estate agent, make sure you keep your appointments. You’re not the only client your agent works with, so they often can’t take extra time for you. If you’re scheduled to meet them at a particular time and place, then be there on time.

This will help you too because everything will work much faster. If you’ll be late, then contact the real estate agent and give them an estimation of when you’ll arrive. Sometimes, unexpected things can happen. Your agent will understand. But try to respect their time and they’ll do the same!

  • Understand that real estate agents work for you

Real estate agents are rewarded with commissions from the transactions they close. The higher the transaction, the higher the commission is. If they don’t close the deal, they don’t receive any commission. So, a real estate agent will always be motivated to help you as best as possible. The more money they can get you, the better.

If you hire a real estate agent, they work for you, not the buyer/seller. If you’re selling a house, your agent will try to negotiate the highest price possible that a buyer is willing to offer. Even after their commission, the money you’re left with is more than enough thanks to the agent’s intervention.

  • Always sign an agency disclosure

When hiring a real estate agent, ask them for an agency disclosure. This guarantees that the agent works in your best interest due to having a fiduciary responsibility to you. This disclosure is a proof of receipt and it shows that you’re represented by that specific real estate agent.

There are several types of agency disclosure but the most common is the single agency disclosure. Every real estate agent is required to put you up to speed with the disclosure and have you sign it. But, just in case, let them know you want to sign one and ask them if there’s something you don’t understand!

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