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What is Obamacare And What Should You Know About It

Do you know what Obamacare is? You probably heard of it but you may now know about the enrolment requirements. Even you could be eligible for it and you don’t know yet. First Class Insurance can help you with that. We’ll explain what the requirements are and assess your situation. If you qualify for the program, we’ll help you with the paperwork for the enrolment procedure.

Jean Sorel, our Obamacare enrolment agent, can help you understand your rights under the social healthcare program and apply for it. He specializes in helping people access a more competitive form of healthcare that’s affordable and quality-oriented. Our company is uniquely prepared to assist you with Obamacare!

Don’t hesitate to call us at (305) 433-5686 or make an online appointment to learn more about how we can help!

What Is Obamacare and How Can We Help You Enroll in It?

Obamacare is a social healthcare program founded by president Barrack Obama in 2010. Its goal is to make healthcare universally affordable for more people. No one should be exempted from quality health services because of their financial situation. The program had great success with Americans but many people still don’t know what it is and what it does.

More importantly, people don’t know how to apply for it. First Class Insurance is here to help you understand what Obamacare is and how you can benefit from it! Our enrollment center helps you every step of the way both with the paperwork and medical checks. Anything you need to enroll in Obamacare, we give it to you!

We provide the following benefits if you hire our company:

  • Best carriers
  • Lowest rates
  • Assistance with filling out the Obamacare application
  • Free health insurance
  • Assistance in understanding your entitlements and rights under the Obamacare program
  • Assistance with reviewing your medical and financial status while reviewing your eligibility for Obamacare
  • ACA/Obamacare
  • Health + Dental + Vision as low as $5
  • Assistance with choosing an affordable healthcare insurance plan that matches your medical needs

We’ll also assess your eligibility for payment assistance on the monthly insurance premiums for healthcare plans. If you’re in financial straits, this payment assistance credit will help you pay the monthly premiums. It goes hand in hand with the core purpose of Obamacare, that of providing affordable healthcare for everyone.

Why Hire Jean Sorel as Your Obamacare Agent?

We believe that everyone needs professional assistance, even with Obamacare. Insurance companies won’t make it easy in terms of providing information and making their plans accessible. Without knowing a few things about healthcare programs, you won’t find what you’re looking for. Moreover, healthcare programs aren’t necessarily clear on pros and cons.

You may not know which healthcare plan is better. In fact, more expensive healthcare plans aren’t necessarily much better than cheaper ones. Obamacare is similar in terms of information scarcity. People don’t know much about it. But that’s where we come in. Jean Sorel is an expert Obamacare enrolment agent and he’ll help you understand the program quickly and efficiently.

He has over 18 years of experience helping people enroll in Obamacare. He’s seen every healthcare and financial situation you can think of. As soon as he assesses your circumstances, he’ll know whether you qualify or not for Obamacare. If you do, he’ll take care of the paperwork, health checks, and all the other requirements for you.

Our company makes all the arrangements for you. Hire us and don’t worry about a thing! If you don’t know something, we’ll explain. Any misconceptions you have about Obamacare will soon end when Jean Sorel explains what it truly is. We want to help you get access to better healthcare more affordably!

That’s why we do what we do. We’ll fill out the enrolment application, schedule health checks, give you healthcare plan quotes, and help you choose the best one. We’re with you every step of the way until you feel comfortable. If you’re not sure about any aspect concerning Obamacare, we’re here to help you!

What Makes First Class Insurance a Good Obamacare Enrollment Center?

We’ve serviced the people of Florida since 2010. Jean Sorel, our in-house enrolment agent, has been working in the health sector for 18 years. Our experience and expertise make us the number one Obamacare enrolment center in Miami.  We’re up-to-date will all the enrolment requirements, health procedures, healthcare plans, and we can help you get through all of them.

If you need assistance, call us at (305) 433-5686 or make an online appointment with Jean Sorel. It’s free, and you won’t need to worry about Obamacare enrolment ever again. We’ll help you understand what healthcare plan you need the most and where you can get it from. Everyone should benefit from Obamacare, and we make sure that becomes a reality!

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