Jean Sorel – Daddy of the Year 2023

On June 17th, 2023, the International Fathers’ Association held this year’s Daddy of the Year gala. The prestigious event brought together many important community figures, including our very own Jean Sorel, the CEO of First Class Enterprise. As part of this year’s nominees, Jean Sorel was awarded the Daddy of the Year prize with full honors after the jury’s tough deliberation.

What Is the International Fathers’ Association?

The IFA’s purpose is to create a sense of cohesiveness and mutual understanding in Florida communities regarding fatherhood. It is their belief that fathers are often not appreciated enough despite the sacrifices they make. Through the yearly Daddy of the Year galas, they celebrate the renewed sense of appreciation for fathers all over the US and Haiti.

Family values lie at the core of the International Fathers’ Association because families make up the foundation of society. And fathers play an integral role in protecting and caring for that foundation.

The IFA’s objectives aren’t limited to just this, though. They also:

  • Organize General Health Screenings for fathers and their families for high blood pressure, mental health, diabetes, high cholesterol, and prostate cancer

  • Organize activities meant to educate the community about HIV/AIDS and other diseases

  • Develop programs meant to positively impact fathers’ way of living (family gatherings, recognition events, vouchers, etc.)

  • Organize at least two Health Fairs per year for the minority communities in South Florida

It is through the IFA’s efforts that the Floridian and Haitian communities have evolved so much in the past years, and we are eternally thankful for that!

About the Event

There were a total of 12 nominees for the Daddy of the Year 2023 event:

  • Jules Fils-Aime, owner of the “Au Bont Gout” restaurant

  • Eladio Jose Armesto, Chair of the Florida Democratic League

  • Shelly Bloom, owner of the FASHION CLOTHIERS clothing business

  • Woody Robert Clermont, Assistant City Attorney in Miami Beach

  • Nick Decius, founder and CEO of Nick’s Photo Studio

  • Dr Bevan Earle, radio broadcaster

  • Prinston Jean-Glaude, CEO and co-owner of Primary Medical Care Centers

  • Prince Arnold Kufulula, royal ambassador of Congo

  • Mayor Wayne Messam, mayor of Miramar, Florida

  • Jean M. Sorel, founder and CEO of First Class Enterprise

  • Ted Victor, founder of the Broward Social Network

  • Sahim Zaid, President of the Pompano Beach Lighthouse Rotary Club

Each and every one of the nominees has contributed greatly to the US-Haitian community and is an example of true fatherhood.

Most importantly, these are the four criteria that the International Fathers’ Association used to nominate the Daddy of the Year 2023:

  1. The individual must be a biological or adoptive father
  2. Must be present in the lives of his children
  3. Must be present in the lives of other children through mentoring of volunteering
  4. Does not have a criminal record

The deliberation is exceptionally strict given that the honor of Daddy of the Year is both respected and craved by all nominees.

Jean Sorel Won the Daddy of the Year Award in 2023

Despite the fierce competition, Jean Sorel managed to win the Daddy of the Year award for this year, displaying his exceptional community spirit. This is what he had to say about the event:

It is truly an honor to be recognized by such a distinguished organization such as the International Father’s Association. I’m very proud and extremely grateful to be the recipient of the 2023 Daddy of the Year Award. This one is very special to me and I want to dedicate it to my father Pa Gas, who made me who I am today.”

Jean Sorel’s continued success as the CEO of the largest Haitian Real Estate Firm in Florida is a testament to the values instilled into him by his father. In turn, he is an inspiration for all Haitian-American young people.

Let this moment become a step forward in the advancement of the Haitian-American community and of fatherhood!

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