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Are you planning on getting homeowner’s insurance for your new home? Or perhaps you don’t like your current insurance and want to get a new one? Either way, you’ll have to browse through countless offers and decide on the best one. That’s easier said than done because insurance policies aren’t easy to understand. If you need assistance with this, First Class Homeowner Insurance can help you!

We specialize in homeowner’s insurances and we can guide you on picking the right insurance for your home. Florida is widely known for its Hurricane Season but that’s not the only thing that can go bad. Wildfires, thunderstrikes, hailstorms, and other meteorological phenomena might play a prank on your home. Jean Sorel, our lead insurance agent, will help you take control of the situation.

Why Is a Homeowner’s Insurance Important?

A homeowner’s insurance protects you against unexpected meteorological disasters and not only. The right insurance offers coverage for burglaries, thefts, vandalism, and business issues. The main ones will protect you from things like fire damage, hail damage, hurricane damage, water damage, mold damage, and so on. Depending on how good the insurance policy is, you could have full or partial coverage.

When choosing your insurance policy, you should understand several concepts like monthly premiums, exclusions, deductibles, ACV vs. RCV, and covered perils. These elements dictate whether an insurance policy is right for you or not. Our insurance agent, Jean Sorel, has worked over 18 years in the insurance field and is fully certified to explain the situation to you.

If you don’t understand homeowners’ insurance policies, fret not! First Class Enterprise is here to help with everything. Our insurance agent will explain all the concepts you don’t understand and give you details on how insurance policies work. Something else you should know is the way insurance companies function. The “exceptions” in an insurance policy determine whether you’ll receive compensation for the incurred damage or not.

Why Choose First Class Enterprise and Jean Sorel?

When you choose a homeowner’s insurance for your home, you need to ensure it will safeguard your family’s safety properly. This is where Jean Sorel comes in. He will provide personalized insurance offers that are tailor-made for you. Maybe you don’t need such expensive insurance because your property isn’t in any real danger. Or maybe it’s located in a risk area and you need a more comprehensive insurance policy.

Whichever situation you find yourself in, we’ll give you the best insurance offers on the market. Jean Sorel has been an insurance agent for 18+ years, and he knows how every insurance agency operates. He stays up-to-date with all the latest changes and insurance offers so that his clients get the best in terms of property protection. Why risk getting a bad insurance policy when you can hire First Class Enterprise and get a guaranteed premium insurance policy?

If you choose us, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Insurance education – We’ll clear away all your misconceptions about insurance policies and also explain how they work. Monthly premiums, coverage, perils, deductibles, ACV vs. RCV, and other such concepts are essential to understanding your rights under an insurance policy. We’ll give you all the details you need!
  • Help with filing insurance claims – We can also help you file an insurance claim to your insurance company. Obtaining a good settlement is difficult to achieve alone. Jean Marc Sorel can obtain maximum compensation for your incurred losses with minimal effort
  • Affordable insurance policies – Why get a more expensive insurance policy when you don’t need it? We’ll look for more affordable insurance if your financial situation is not good.

Call us at 305-433-5686 or use our online contact form for an appointment with Jean Sorel, our homeowner’s insurance expert!

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