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Got Questions about Filing your Claim?

•When reporting a claim to your insurance company it is helpful to have: Your policy number
• Your contact information
• A description of damage
• Photos of Damage
•Your Mortgage Company Information

To the extent possible, try to safely mitigate any damage that has occurred.


If your Power/Electicité was out for more than two hours . You’re eligible for food stamps from $197.00 and up per person . Go to

Apply for benefits by creating an account. Click on food stamps or snaps. DO NOT APPLY FOR CASH . Make sure you have a valid phone number so they can verify your zip code. Good LUCK!!!

Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA FEMA Helpline: 1.800.621.3362 Disaster Assistance Website:

FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers: or text DRC and your 5 digit Zip Code (Example DRC 12345) to 4FEMA Mobile App Download: National Hurricane Center Website:

American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida (Assurant) Customer Service: 800.358.0600 Claims: 800.358.0600 Website:

American Coastal Insurance Company Customer Service: 800.861.4370 Claims: 252.247.8796, 1.877.284.4900 (toll-free) Website:

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company Customer Service: 1.800.425.9113 Claims: 800.470.0599/954.958.1200 Website:

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Customer Service: 888.685.1555 Claims: 866.411.2742 Website:

American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida Customer Service: 1.866.968.8390 Claims: 1.866.277.9871 Website:

Strategic Insurance Company Customer Service: 866.274.8765 Claims: 866.274.5677 (866.ASI.LOSS) Website:

Ark Royal Insurance Company Customer Service: 727.456.1673 Claims: 727.456.1673 Website:

Assurant Customer Service: 800.852.2244 Claims: (American Bankers) 1.800.358.0600 (Renter’s Insurance) 800.432.8612 Website:

Auto Club Insurance Company of Florida (AAA Insurance) Customer Service: 800.289.1325 and 888.929.4222 Claims: 1.888.929.4222 or (for auto) 800.289.1325 Website:

Castle Key Indemnity Company/Castle Key Insurance Company (Allstate) Customer Service: 1.800.255.7828 Claims: 1.800.255.7828 (1.800.ALLSTATE) Website:

Federated National Insurance Company/Monarch National Insurance Company Customer Service: 800.293.2532 Claims: 800.293.2532 Website:

Florida Family Insurance Company Customer Service: 888.850.4663 Claims: 888.486.4663 Website: Florida Peninsula Insurance Company Customer Service: 877.229.2244 Claims: 866.549.9672 Website:

Frontline Insurance (First Protective) Customer Service: 877.744.5224 Claims: (Hurricane) 866.673.0623 (non-hurricane) 800.675.0145 Website:

Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Company Customer Service: (FL) 1.855.620.9978 (Other States) 1.855.536.2744 Claims: 855.415.7120 (Platinum Prefferred) 1.855.474.6526 Website:

Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Customer Service: 888.210.5235 & 844.530.4099 Claims: (Reporting) 866.324.3138 (Status) 877.235.5076 Website:

FEMA/National Flood Insurance Program Customer Service: 800.621.3362 (800.621.FEMA) Website:

Olympus Insurance Company Customer Service: 800.711.9386 Claims: 866.281.2242 Website:

People’s Trust Insurance Company Customer Service: 1.888.364.8557 Claims: 877.333.1230 Website:

Safe Harbor Insurance Company Customer Service: 866.896.7233 Claims: 1.866.482.5246 Website:

Safe Point Insurance Company Customer Service: 877.858.7445 Claims: 855.252.4615 (855.CLAIM15) Website:

Security First Insurance Company Customer Service: 877.333.9992 Claims: 877.581.4862 Website:

St. Johns Insurance Company, Inc. Customer Service: 800.748.2030 Claims: 877.748.2059 Website:

State Farm Customer Service: 800.782.8332 Claims: 800.782.8332 (800.STATEFARM) Website:

Tower Hill Insurance Customer Service: 800.342.3407 Claims: 800.342.3407 Website: www.thig.comUnited Property & Casualty Insurance Company Customer Service: 800.295.8016 Claims: 888.256.3378 (1.888.CLM.DEPT), option 1 Website:

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) Customer Service: 800.531.8722 Claims: 1.800.531.8722 or 1.210.531.8722 Website:


State and Federal Government Resources

Executive Office of the Governor Website:

Florida Division of Emergency Management Florida Emergency Information Line: 800.342.3557 Website:

List of Shelters: Facebook: Twitter:

Florida Department of Financial Services – Division of Consumer Services Insurance Consumer Helpline: 1.877.693.5236 (1.877.MY.FL.CFO), Out of State: 850.413.3089 Website:

Florida Attorney General Price Gouging Hotline: 1.866.966.7226 Website Complaint Form:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Consumer Assistance Hotline: 1.800.435.7352 (1.800.HELP.FLA) Website Complaint Form:

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Website Hurricane Season Resources:…/Hurricane…/hurricaneresourcepage.aspx

Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA FEMA Helpline: 1.800.621.3362 Disaster Assistance Website:

FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers: or text DRC and your 5 digit Zip Code (Example DRC 12345) to 4FEMA Mobile App Download: National Hurricane Center Website:

Florida Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights s. 627.7142, Florida Statutes

This Bill of Rights is specific to the claims process and does not represent all of your rights under Florida law regarding your policy. There are also exceptions to the stated timelines when conditions are beyond your insurance company’s control. This document does not create a civil cause of action by an individual policyholder, or a class of policyholders, against an insurer or insurers and does not prohibit an insurer from exercising its right to repair damaged property in compliance with the terms of an applicable policy.


1. Receive from your insurance company an acknowledgment of your reported claim within 14 days after the time you communicated the claim.

2. Upon written request, receive from your insurance company within 30 days after you have submitted a complete proof-of-loss statement to your insurance company, confirmation that your claim is covered in full, partially covered, or denied, or receive a written statement that your claim is being investigated.

3. Within 90 days, subject to any dual interest noted in the policy, receive full settlement payment for your claim or payment of the undisputed portion of your claim, or your insurance company’s denial of your claim.

4. Free mediation of your disputed claim by the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services, under most circumstances and subject to certain restrictions.

5. Neutral evaluation of your disputed claim, if your claim is for damage caused by a sinkhole and is covered by your policy.

6. Contact the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services’ toll-free helpline for assistance with any insurance claim or questions pertaining to the handling of your claim. You can reach the Helpline by phone at 1.877.693.5236, or you can seek assistance online at the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services’ website at


1. Contact your insurance company before entering into any contract for repairs to confirm any managed repair policy provisions or optional preferred vendors.

2. Make and document emergency repairs that are necessary to prevent further damage. Keep the damaged property, if feasible, keep all receipts, and take photographs of damage before and after any repairs.

3. Carefully read any contract that requires you to pay out-of-pocket expenses or a fee that is based on a percentage of the insurance proceeds that you will receive for repairing or replacing your property.

4. Confirm that the contractor you choose is licensed to do business in Florida. You can verify a contractor’s license and check to see if there are any complaints against him or her by calling the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. You should also ask the contractor for references from previous work.

5. Require all contractors to provide proof of insurance before beginning repairs. 6. Take precautions if the damage requires you to leave your home, including securing your property and turning off your gas, water, and electricity, and contacting your insurance company and provide a phone number where you can be reached.

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